TAHA laboratory is one the most professional and expertise laboratory in Steering filed in Iran, which its customers are SAPCO, ITRAC, TOUS Pump and SAZEHGOSTAR SAIPA.

TAHA Laboratory can cover 20 tests out of 22 required Standard tests of P405 (IKCO STD 1101126180), and in the near future, 1 other device will be ready.

And also TAHA laboratory can cover 12 tests out of 19 required Standards tests of P206 (PSA Norm 96 438 656 99) and in the near future 3 other device will be ready.

Some of TAHA Testing Machines: Endurance testing Machines, Valve Characteristics Testing Machine, Valve Seal test, HPS Pressure Wash, Cold Chamber (-40°), Tie-Rod Breaking Torque, Exceptional Stress and ...

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Address : Unit2, 5th Floor, No.80, South Allameh St. Saadat Abad, Tehran-Iran
Email : info@taha-co.com
Phone Number : +98 21 88 68 92 47 - 9
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