Since the establishment from 1999, TAHA has been dedicated the engineering and technical support to the automobile industry and the Ezam group affiliated Auto parts company. 10 years of industrial accumulation and high-tech innovation into the leading position in manufacturing of hydraulic power steering system since 2009 with technical collaboration of MANDO cooperation, which is the Top five worldwide steering supplier. TAHA is the supplier of Peugeot 206 and 405 HPS to Iran Khodro under license of MANDO. Our mission is defined to provide more secure, comfortable and environmentally technologies for steering system TAHA vision is to satisfy customers, employees, society, shareholders and partners.
Due to all advantages of EPS (Electric Power Steering) such as less fuel consumption, increase in safety and great demand for this product in vehicles, TAHA has already started cooperation with one the top 5 key manufacturer in order to develop EPS for DENA and RUNNA cars which is manufactured by Ir ...

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